Networking Solutions

Enterprise IT rides on the backbone of an efficient and secure network. Traditional networking technologies are not geared to handle the multiple connected devices and the demand for secure mobile computing, or distributed application delivery. Nor are traditional networks agile to deliver the quick turnaround times demanded by business.While the demands on the network are increasing, the budgets available to deliver higher availability and security are actually on the decline. This calls for IT managers to evaluate and adopt innovative technologies that provide security, availability and agility to meet the accelerating rate of change in the business environment. Solutions to these requirements lie in adoption of Unified communications, SDN, Hybrid WAN's, Hybrid Cloud and innovative content delivery networks. At Frontier, we have the expertise, solutions and services to help enterprises adopt these new technologies.

We are the pioneers of Twisted Pair Ethernet solutions in this part of the country, and have executed hundreds of projects around: Routing and switching, comprehensive WAN solutions, Unified communications, GPON, Datacentre Design and Network and Enterprise Security, and our expertise is unmatched in the industry.

We have upgraded our skills to implement the latest technologies. Our latest projects include 40Gbps Network at the Data Centre with 10GB uplinks to other Fiber Switches in the Campuses, and subsequently terminating in 1Gbps/ 10Gbps connections to the end-nodes. We have established a large number of Controller based Wi-Fi Networks in several Campuses.

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